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Do you know that third-party agents such as hackers, governmental agencies, and malicious websites can view and access your information on the internet? How then do you keep yourself and your personal details safe from third parties? VPNs services are the answer.

This article seeks to review the best VPN. As such, we will examine these VPNs’ features, distinguishing between the pros and the cons. At the end of this article, you will find that ExpressVPN ranks as the best VPN service. Read on to see how it compares with other VPN services.

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What are the best VPNs?

ProviderRatingNetflix USMaximum Monthly CostRead ReviewWebsite
expressvpn-logo4.8/5Yes$12.95Read ReviewVisit Website
nordvpn-logo4.5/5Yes$11.95Read ReviewVisit Website
pia-logo4.5/5Yes$9.99Read ReviewVisit Website
surfshark-vpn-logo4.4/5Yes$12.99Read ReviewVisit Website
hide.me-logo4.4/5Yes$12.95Read ReviewVisit Website
CyberGhost-VPN-logo4.3/5Yes$11.95Read ReviewVisit Website
vyprvpn-logo4.3/5Yes$12.95Read ReviewVisit Website

Having understood the importance of VPNs, it is essential that you select the best VPN service for your internet use. This is because VPNs are not foolproof. A determined third-party may gain access to your web traffic through some other means, such as tricking you into downloading ransomware or tricking you into providing some critical personal information.

More importantly, the security provided by the VPN service you choose plays a significant role in your online privacy. Some years back, a VPN service was hacked. Imagine what happens to the cover provided for people using the VPN.

With VPNs growing all over the world, VPN services are upping their offering to stand clear ahead of the competition. These are the best VPNs.


Visit ExpressVPN Website

One of the first names that come to mind when we discuss the best VPN apps is ExpressVPN. The VPN service ranks on top of many reviews as the best VPN service in the world. This is not a point we would like to argue, as the VPN has provided excellent service to its customers in the past few years.

ExpressVPN has about 3000 servers in 160 locations in 94 countries of the world. This feature is one of its major selling points. It means that you enjoy ExpressVPN anywhere in the world.

The VPN has a broad usage spectrum, meaning that you can use it with lots of gadgets, including PC, Laptops, Mobile Phones, Gaming Consoles, and many more.

The user interfaces for the ExpressVPN app is also simplified, making it easy to use for everyone, even beginners.

More importantly, the VPN provides one of the most secure covers for users. It uses the AES-256 encryption, the type used by the US Military, to keep you anonymous on the internet.

You also enjoy features such as split tunneling, DNS leak protection, kill switch, and a no-logging policy to ensure that you remain unseen and undetected on the internet.

While ExpressVPN has all of these fantastic features, it is not without its drawbacks. One of the significant disadvantages is the limit of connectable devices. You cannot connect more than five devices to the VPN at once. This is a disadvantage because most VPN services allow more than five devices at a time.

There is also no free trial period, except for a 30-day money-back guarantee (which is cool), and the VPN is a bit expensive.

ExpressVPN is the overall best VPN in [currentyear]. It has virtually all the features you can ever want in a VPN. You can Read ExpressVPN Full Review here.


  • Superior performance
  • Proven dedication to privacy
  • Strong logging policy, no IP, DNS, or WebRTC leaks
  • Unblocks Netflix, BBC iPlayer, HBO, and Hulu
  • The highest level of encryption and advanced security features
  • Speedy streaming, browsing, and gaming
  • 5 Simultaneous-login Option
  • 7 days of free trial on Android
  • Huge server network across 94 countries
  • Amazing customer service and support
  • Instant setup and very easy to use
  • Risk-free 30-day refund guarantee


  • More expensive monthly plans than other vendors
  • No ad blocker


Nordvpn Official Website
Visit NordVPN Website

NordVPN also ranks as one of the best VPN services in the world at the moment. It is a popular VPN service, probably more famous than ExpressVPN. While it also has many excellent features, it doesn’t match ExpressVPN in terms of the best features.

NordVPN has an impressive number of servers, amounting to 5400 around over 80 locations in 54 countries. This means that you also enjoy NordVPN in many countries and places in the world.

The security features on NordVPN allow its users to stay safe and secured on the internet. These features include 20148-bit encryption, DNS leak protection, and kill switch.

You can also use the VPN across many gadgets and applications, as it has proxy extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

Another essential feature of this VPN is the fact it can bypass sites with locational restrictions easily. You can access streaming websites such as Netflix, Hulu, and many more with this VPN to stream content meant for the US even when you are outside the United States. You can also access blocked websites as NordVPN can access them without any difficulty.

Despite these glowing features and upsides, there are some downsides too. The first is the unfriendly user interface supplied by its app. While the version for PC and laptops looks okay, the same cannot be said for the mobile versions. It seems all muddled up, and users may experience some difficulty using it.

Another downside is the historical hacking that the service experienced. In 2018, NordVPN was hacked, and this incident affected its service. However, the VPN service claims to have resolved the issue and has taken steps to avoid future occurrences.

It is a cheaper and more suitable alternative for ExpressVPN for those who cannot afford ExpressVPN. You can Read NordVPN Full Review here.


  • Located in Panama, which has no data retention laws
  • 5,000+ servers in 60+ countries
  • Works with Netflix, BBC iPlayer & more
  • P2P & torrenting allowed on many servers
  • Military-grade AES-256-GCM encryption
  • Connect 6 devices to one NordVPN account at the same time
  • Huge server network: 5,100+ servers across 58 countries
  • Apps for PC, Mac, iOS & Android with ad-blocker (CyberSec)
  • Works in restrictive countries (China, Middle East)
  • Offers Double Encryption servers for extra privacy and security
  • 24/7 customer support (live chat, email, ticket system)
  • Risk-free30-day money-back guarantee


  • Protocol inflexibility for Windows and Android apps
  • Manual setup required for China
  • Doesn’t accept PayPal

Private Internet Access

Visit PIA Website

This review of the best VPNs will be incomplete without the mention of Private Internet Access. The VPN service offers excellent features and services for its users.

It is over 3000 servers spread across 30 countries. The number of servers is sufficient to provide enough cover for your internet connections.

The VPN allows for ten connections at the same time. This is an excellent feature, as it will enable you to connect multiple devices simultaneously.

Its internet security features are impressive and provide adequate protection.

If you need a VPN service for the family or numerous people simultaneously, Private Internet Access seems like your best bet. You can Read Private Internet Access Full Review here.


  • Good speed with 23178+ Servers in 77 Countries
  • Supports WireGuard®, PPTP, OpenVPN, and L2TP/IPSec
  • Proven no-log policy
  • Connects up to 10 devices simultaneously
  • User-friendly applications
  • Works with Netflix and allows torrenting traffic
  • Blocks ads, trackers, and malware
  • 24/7 live chat service, extensive Help Center
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Based in the US
  • Can’t work in China

SurfShark VPN

Visit Surfshark VPN Website

If you are looking for an affordable VPN service with excellent services, SurfShark is your best option. While you may not experience the best VPN service on SurfShark, the service is relatively great and even surpasses some competitors that charge double the amount that SurfShark charges.

Surfshark uses AES-256 encryption to provide the safety and security that you need on the internet. Also, you get to enjoy features such as kill switch and split tunneling. The protection offered by the VPN is not the strongest, but you will get value for your money, as it is enough to keep you anonymous on the internet.

You can also enjoy a wide usage spectrum, including Android devices, iOS devices. You can also use it with Windows, Linux, and Mac for computers and laptops.

What’s more, the VPN has unlimited connectable devices, meaning you can connect as many devices as possible at the same time.

Surfshark is the cheapest of the reviewed VPNs. It provides internet security at an affordable price.

Its downsides include its lack of a business plan and the poor interface of its apps. You can Read Surfshark Full Review here.


  • Excellent budget price
  • Fast speed optimized for gaming, video unblock and streaming
  • Unblocks 14 Netflix libraries & BBC iPlayer
  • Unlimited simultaneous devices
  • Independent audit
  • Supports torrenting
  • Lots of advanced features
  • Privacy-friendly jurisdiction
  • 7-day free trial
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • OpenVPN on Mac requires manual config


Visit Hide.me Website

Hide.me offers free and premium VPN service since 2012. It grows so fast and has a no-log privacy policy.

Hide.me has expanded its server network to 1,800+ servers in 72 locations worldwide in just a few years. And it was a certified no-log VPN back in 2015.

Hide.me server speed is super-fast for both short and long-distance servers. It supports a vast network protocol like IKEv2/IPSec, OpenVPN (TCP/UDP), SSTP, WireGuard, and SoftEther.

Hide.me offers many advanced built-in features such as leak protection, split tunneling, IPv6 support, Stealth Guard, and Kill Switch to protect your online privacy. You can Read Hide.me Full Review here.


  • Strictly No Logs, secure your online privacy
  • Over 1,800 servers in 72 locations
  • Connect up to 10 devices at the same time
  • Unblock Netflix US library and BBC iPlayer
  • Offer a free plan, no registration, no sign up required
  • Apps for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Android TV, and Chrome
  • Advanced Privacy Features, Split Tunneling and Stealth Guard
  • Support anonymous payments
  • 24/7 customer support (Emails, Chat and Tickets)
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


  • Premium plans are costly
  • Unreliable in China
  • Random crashes
  • Don’t offer dedicated IP addresses

CyberGhost VPN

Visit Cyberghost VPN Website

CyberGhost is another VPN service with impressive offerings and features. The VPN ranks as a suitable alternative to ExpressVPN and other big names in the internet security business.

CyberGhost has over 6000 servers in over 100 locations around 89 countries. With this number, the VPN has the ability to serve a lot of people in different places at the same time.

The VPN service is compatible with numerous devices and operating systems. Whether your gadget runs on Windows. Mac, iOS, or Android, CyberGhost VPN will work seamlessly on the gadget to provide adequate internet security.

Moreover, the VPN allows up to seven devices to connect to it at the same time.

Despite its strong security features, it has other admirable features such as ads and malware blocking. CyberGhost has extra features atop its internet security features. It keeps your devices safe from malware and other malicious websites. You can Read CyberGhost VPN Full Review here.


  • Over 6800 VPN servers worldwide
  • OpenVPN, IKEv2, WireGuard® protocols
  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • Up to 7 devices protected simultaneously
  • User-friendly applications
  • Competitive prices
  • Unblocks most popular streaming platforms
  • Apps for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS & more
  • 24/7 live Customer Support service
  • 45-day money-back guarantee


  • Slower long-distance speeds
  • Can’t bypass high-level censorship


Visit VyprVPN Website

This VPN service is the last on our list of best VPN. Despite its position, the VPN has numerous features that make it one of the best VPN services. Some of these features include:

It has a relatively fast speed. VyprVPN offers a browsing speed that we cannot complain about.

The VPN works with numerous operating systems, including Windows, iOS, Android, and even Amazon Fire. However, It doesn’t support Linux automatically as you would have to configure the VPN for the operating system.

VyprVPN has an outstanding feature, which is its ability to work effectively in China. You can Read VyprVPN Full Review here.


  • No-Log VPN (Independently-Audited)
  • End-to-End Privacy with No 3rd Parties
  • No IP, DNS & WebRTC leaks
  • Works well in China
  • Unblock Netflix successfully
  • Torrenting & P2P works on all servers
  • Easy-to-use apps for PC, Mac, iOS, & Android
  • Good server network across 70 countries


  • Limited online support guides
  • Server speed needs to be improved

We also reviewed other VPN providers. If you can not be satisfied with the above VPNs, here are the alternatives below.

ProviderNetflix USMaximum Monthly CostRead ReviewWebsite
hotspot-shield-vpnYes$12.99Read ReviewVisit Website
Privatevpn-logoYes$11.95Read ReviewVisit Website
ipvanish-vpnYes$9.99Read ReviewVisit Website
ivacy-logoYes$9.95Read ReviewVisit Website
strongvpn-logoYes$10.00Read ReviewVisit Website
purevpn-logoYes$10.95Read ReviewVisit Website

What is a VPN?

If you take your privacy on the internet seriously, then you know what a VPN is. VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network, a software that allows you to remain anonymous on the internet. The software ensures that a third party cannot access your web traffic and obtain information about you while on the internet.

Source: ExpressVPN

How Does a VPN Work?

To simply put, a VPN works by creating a tunnel for your internet connection. When you use a VPN, it redirects your internet connection through one of its private servers. Thus, third parties show that data coming from your end comes from the server, rather than your computer.

The action of the VPN protects your IP address. The IP address is a string of numbers assigned to your computer by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Through this number, it is easy to determine your identity amongst other information.

Hence, the VPN acts as a barrier protecting this string of numbers and, by extension, protecting your identity. This video further explains how a VPN works.

Why You Need a VPN?

Remain Anonymous Online

In this age of spying and unauthorized information storage, anonymity on the internet remains one way to stay safe and protect your privacy. VPNs help you achieve that anonymity. Thus, if you use public WIFIs, spend a lot of time on the internet, or transact businesses online, you may need a VPN.

Stay Safe and Free From Cyber-Attacks

Apart from keeping you anonymous online, VPNs have other uses. They keep you safe from cyberattacks. Cybercriminals find it easy to obtain information about you when they access your IP address. However, with a VPN, the IP address remains safe and secure, which means you are safe from cyberattacks.

Unblock Streaming Services Like Netflix

Most streaming websites serve content based on your location. This means that you will not be able to access content meant for US residents if you are not in the US. This situation can be a bit frustrating at times.

But not to worry, VPNs are here to the rescue. With a VPN, you can remove the locational restrictions and enjoy your favorite content anywhere you like. This is because the VPN hides your IP address, making it impossible to determine your real location. The service will only be able to decide on the location of the VPN server.

Buying Guide: How To Choose the Best VPN For You?

How fast is the VPN server?

One of the critical considerations that you must factor in is the speed of the VPN you choose. Data encryption and internet protection affect internet connection speed, which is why there are few fast and effective VPNs out there.

Thus, you must consider the speed of the VPN before choosing it.

Is the VPN safe to use?

The protocol of a VPN determines its internet security features and the protection it provides. Many security protocols differ in their capabilities. Consider the protocol in use by the VPN before selecting it.

Does the VPN unblock Netflix or other streaming services?

One of the reasons why people use VPNs is their ability to bypass location restrictions by streaming services and allow you to enjoy their contents anywhere. Hence, you should make findings of the streaming services that the VPN can bypass before you buy it.

How many devices can I connect to simultaneously?

A suitable VPN should allow numerous devices to connect to it at the same time. Ensure that the VPN you choose has this feature. The minimum number of connectable devices should be five.

Is the VPN easy to use?

User interfaces play a vital role in the usability of a VPN. Hence, the VPN you choose should have a simplified interface with little or no technicalities.

How much does the VPN cost?

You should consider the price of the VPN in tandem with its features and offerings. A VPN is affordable when you get value for every dollar paid on it.

Does the VPN offer a money-back guarantee?

You should check if there is a refund policy for your purchase or subscription. This is an important consideration in case you are not satisfied with the features of the VPN.

How about the VPN’s customer support?

Customer support is very vital in a business. If a VPN doesn’t have good customer service, you may find it challenging to reach out to them in case of a problem. Ensure that the customer service of the VPN you choose is top-notch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need A VPN?

A VPN prevents third parties on the internet from accessing your information and tracking your activities online.

Can I Use A VPN On Any Device?

Yes, you can. You can use a VPN on a mobile phone, laptop computer, personal computer, and the likes. As long as you can access the internet through a device, you can use a VPN on that device.

Is It Illegal to use a VPN?

Yes, it is legal to use a VPN in the United States and many other countries. However, the use of a VPN to commit crimes remains illegal. To put merely, illicit activities online remain unlawful even with the help of VPNs.

How Choose the Best VPN Service?

Choosing the best VPN service entails considering the features of the VPN and its offerings. This way, you will be able to choose the best VPN service.

What VPN is the best?

ExpressVPN remains the VPN with the most favorable features among all other VPN services, while it is difficult to choose.


These are the best VPN services in the world. These services have their upsides and downsides and peculiar features. However, the defining feature across all of them is that they provide a strong cover for your activities online.

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