Macbooster 8 Review: How to boost and optimize your Mac?


One of the reasons why your Mac computer works slow is the gigabytes of junk files that have found a place on your computer. These junk files slow down your computer’s operation by eating up storage spaces and RAM capacity. When there is little or no space left on your Mac RAM or storage, you know that there is a need to clean up your computer.

How then do you rid your Mac computer of the useless junks inhibiting its operation? Cleanup tools to the rescue. Although there are numerous cleanup tools, some are not safe for your computer, while others are not effective. MacBooster 8 is not part of this category of the cleanup tool.

If you are in the market for an efficient cleanup tool for your Mac computer, MacBooster 8 remains one of the best options out there. You will learn more about this cleanup tool in this MacBooster 8 review.

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Macbooster 8 Reviews Overview


Macbooster Key Summary

System Requirements:macOS 10.9 and higher
Disk Space:70+ MB
Compatible with macOS Big Sur:Yes
Pricing:Starting at $39.95
Support:7*24 customer support
Coupons:Get 62% Off
Refund Policy:60-day money back guarantee

Macbooster Pros & Cons


  • Mac computer system junk cleaning in one click
  • Virus and malware scanning to protect your Mac from various threats
  • Turbo Boost, one click to speed up Mac computer operation
  • Privacy protection, clean up browser-related records with one click
  • Support large files and old files scanning to free up disk space
  • Support duplicate files and similar images finding
  • MacBooster mini window, monitor Mac computer in real time


  • Software virus detection is prone to false positives
  • Functionality needs to be improved

What is MacBooster?

MacBooster 8 is an effective cleanup application developed by IObit. The company holds a strong reputation for producing quality applications and solutions for Mac computers and the tech industry at large.

As a result, there is little or no doubt as to the authenticity of the features of MacBooster 8, which are numerous. The tool has features and capabilities that help you tackle the issue of junk files, leaving your system free, and working optimally.

Let’s examine some of the features of the tool below in the detailed MacBooster review.

Macbooster 8 Detailed Review

It is important to state that MacBooster 8 is an upgraded version of MacBooster 7. With the upgrade, the developers equipped the application with new and required features, making it better than its predecessor. As with other MacBooster reviews, this review explains those features.

The features enable the app to carry out a comprehensive search of your computer, discovering the titbits of files and caches littered around different folders on your computer. Thereafter, it aggregates these files, telling you the total amount of space occupied and the amount of space you can save by deleting them.

If you wish to delete these files, a simple click on the ‘Clean’ button rids your computer of the junk files.

Virus & Malware Scan

This feature holds the security apparatus of the application. The feature ensures that while keeping your Mac computer clean, it is also safe against viruses and malware.


The virus scan option allows you to search and scour your Mac computer for harmful files that threaten your computer’s integrity. This option scans and deletes these files. However, it is important to state that the virus scan option doesn’t provide real-time protection against the virus.

The Malware scan is not very different from the virus scan option. The feature also scans the computer system for malware and potentially unwanted applications that could harm the computer. After discovering this malware, it deletes them, giving you a cleaner and safer Mac computer.

Turbo Boost

From the name, it is easy to guess what the feature does. It makes your computer work faster.

But how does it do it?


Apart from junk files, other issues slow down a computer system. These issues include disk permission problems, third-party application caches, and many more. Solving these issues allows your Mac computer to run faster, and that is where the Turbo Boost feature comes in.

The feature ensures the resolution of various disk permission issues, clears the third-party application caches, and many more. Doing all of these eradicates the sluggish operation of the computer, making it run faster and optimal.

Memory Clean

MacBooster 8 allows you to optimize the operation of your computer’s CPU with its Memory Clean Feature. The feature prioritizes the computer system’s activities, allowing the computer to focus on important processes and leaving the background activities behind.


This prioritization of processes, activities, and applications helps the computer maintain its memory, clears off unneeded activities, and allows the computer to run smoothly. The feature also shows the amount of free and used memory and details the memory breakdown by the process.

Privacy Protection

In this age of cybercrime and hacking, privacy is something you cannot joke with. MacBooster 8 ensures that your computer is only safe from malware and viruses; it ensures that unscrupulous elements on the internet cannot access your private information.


By scouring all over your computer for app traces, tracking cookies, unclosed browsing tabs, and saved passwords, it looks for information that cybercrooks can attempt to access. After finding these pieces of information, the feature will seek your permission to delete them.

If you agree to delete them, your computer becomes safer as there is no information for cybercriminals to access.


As the name suggests, the feature allows you to uninstall apps taking unnecessary space on your Mac computer. These apps are usually old apps that are not in use anymore.


However, apart from uninstalling unneeded apps, the Uninstaller feature in MacBooster 8 allows you to fix or revert any application to its original state.

Also, the feature helps you sort and arrange your apps in an orderly manner. This arrangement helps you manage your apps very well.

Startup Optimization

When you power your Mac computer, some applications start running as soon as your computer is on. These applications are called Startup apps. The optimization of these apps enables your computer to boot and startup efficiently.


The startup optimization ensures that these apps are optimized. Also, you get recommendations on these apps as to whether to keep them or delete them. This way, you keep your computer running safely and optimally.

Large & Old Files

This feature also helps you categorize your apps to know those that are too old to be of any importance to you. The feature after classification gives recommendations on which of the applications to keep or delete.


The tool also scans your computer and seeks files of large sizes, eating up your storage space. It collects these apps and files and deletes them when you click the Clear button.

Duplicate Finder

Sometimes, we make the mistake of creating duplicate files. These files then sum up to take huge space in our computer systems. The Duplicate finder feature of the MacBooster 8 tool helps you source and clear these duplicate files.


MacBooster Mini Standing-by

The mini standby feature is a shortcut of the MacBooster 8 that resides on the desktop page of your computer. The shortcut allows you to access some of the features of the MacBooster 8 without opening the application itself.


Moreover, the application provides information on the amount of RAM, HDD/SSD in use, the network activity statistics, and the likes.

Macbooster Customer Support


Macbooster offers a 7*24 customer support for all its paid plans, but the priority support is only available for Premium Plans. In general, you can get customer service assistance via online feedback, including general questions, license problems, bug issues, refund requests, and suggestions.


Macbooster will ask you to fill something required before you get help. We highly recommend describing your trouble in detail, the more detailed the better. You can also attach something important such as a screenshot and log file to help the Macbooster support team solve your problem as quickly as possible.

Macbooster Pricing Plan


Like CleanMyMac X, Macbooster also offers a one-year subscription and one-time purchase model. You can use Macbooster for lifetime with a total $89.95, and one license code supports up to three Macs. But when Macbooster has a big upgrade, you have to pay additional cost.

PricingStarting at $39.95Starting at $59.95Starting at $89.95
Upgrade costNoNoYes
Simultaneous device133
7*24 customer supportYesYesYes
Premium supportNoYesNo
30-day money back guaranteeYesYesYes
Get 50% Off NowGet 62% Off NowGet 55% Off Now

For subscription, Macbooster offers standard and premium plans for 12 months. If you would like to subscribe to Macbooster, you should pay $39.95 for standard plan and $59.95 for premium plan. However, the premium plan allows you to use Macbooster on 3 Macs, and it also provides priority support. We highly recommend the premium plan if you want to use it with your families and friends.

Payment & Refund Policy

Macbooster’s payment service uses 2Checkout that supports many popular payments such as Visa, MasterCard, Credit Card, PayPal, Bank/Wire Transfer, and UnionPay.

Macbooster provides a completely free limited version to allow users to experience the software. Also, Macbooster offers a 60-day money back guarantee to ensure that customers could enjoy the premium service to determine whether Macbooster is worth their money. If you can’t get satisfied with Macbooster, you can get help from the customer support or request a refund via online feedback.

Macbooster FAQs

???? Is MacBooster any good?

MacBooster is an effective cleaning tool for your Mac computer. It has all the features that enable it to optimize the performance of Mac computers and eradicate the presence of junk files.

???? Is Macbooster safe to use?

It is safe to use MacBooster. The application ensures that your Mac computer is kept free of junk files, works optimally, and helps with virus and malware eradication. The cleanup application is not known to possess any form of threat to the integrity of the Mac computer.

???? Does Macbooster offer a free trial?

MacBooster does offer a free limited version, but the paid version does not have any free trial version. However, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee on all of its subscriptions. So if after 60 days, you do not like the features of the application, you can request your money back.

???? Can I get my money back for MacBooster?

Yes, you can. There is a 60-day money-back guarantee on all subscriptions on MacBooster.

???? How to uninstall MacBooster?

The process of uninstalling the MacBooster application is easy. Open the tool and click the “Help” option on the top left corner. Under the option, you’d find the ‘Uninstall’ option.

Macbooster 8 Alternatives

Apart from MacBooster 8, there are other applications that could help you clean and optimize your Mac computer. Let’s see these alternatives and how they fare against MacBooster 8.

Macbooster 8 VS CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMac X is another worthy alternative to MacBooster 8. The cleanup application has numerous features that enhance the performance of Mac computers. You may not find some of these features on MacBooster 8. These features include an iOS device monitor, File Shredder, and many more.

On the other hand, MacBooster also has some features that are absent on CleanMyMac X. These features include Duplicate File Finder and many more. For more details, you can Read CleanMyMac X Full Review.

Macbooster 8 VS CCleaner

CCleaner is another impressive Mac cleaner that you can consider in lieu of MacBooster. The cleanup tool also has numerous features that allow you to clean and optimize your computer system.

While it has almost the same features, the major difference between the two applications is their Uninstaller feature. The Uninstaller feature in MacBooster ranks higher and is more efficient than that of CCleaner. For more details, you can Read CCleaner Full Review.

Macbooster 8 VS Mackeeper

MacKeeper competes favorably against MacBooster when it comes to the optimization of Mac computers. MacKeeper has different features that allow you to keep your Mac computer running optimally.

However, MacBooster has some features that you may not find on MacKeeper. Some of these features include Photo Cleanup and iTunes Cleanup. For more details, you can Read Mackeeper Full Review.


Macbooster Review Summary

Chris Wu

Easy of use


MacBooster is an impressive cleanup application that helps you keep your Mac computer running optimally. This application has numerous features that allow you to optimize the performance of your computer.

While there are numerous alternatives out there in the market, you will be hard-pressed to find one cleanup tool that offers the same level of efficiency that MacBooster offers.


If you have used Macbooster, please share your honest review (good or bad).

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