Multcloud Review, Best Free Cloud-to-Cloud Transfer

Multcloud Review, Best Free Cloud-to-Cloud Transfer?


Multcloud is a powerful multi-cloud drive management platform, what are its uses? When you are storing your files on multiple cloud drives, you may encounter data transfers between different cloud drives to consolidate your cloud drives. However, when using other lines to transfer files, you need to download and upload files from various cloud spaces, which can be a bit cumbersome.

Multcloud can help you eliminate the hassle of downloading and uploading between different lines and you can manage all your cloud drives from one platform. In this Multcloud review article, I’ll give you a detailed introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of Multcloud and a practical guide.

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Multcloud Review Overview

multcloud review - official website

Multcloud Review Key Summary

Official Website
Support24/7 Email
Free TrialYes, 5GB free data traffic per month
The Cheapest Price$59.99 annually
Refund Policy30 days money-back guarantee
Coupons&DealsGet 50% off

Multcloud Review Pros & Cons


  • One platform for managing all cloud drives and direct file transfer across cloud drives
  • Support for over 30 cloud storage services commonly found on the web for easy transfer, synchronization and data transmission
  • Support for uploading, downloading, copying, cutting, pasting, previewing, and renaming online files
  • Support for offline cloud downloads and offline data transfers
  • Chrome plug-in for quick management of cloud drives
  • Free account with 5GB of free data traffic per month
  • Secure cloud drive transfers with AES-256 encryption for SSL
  • Supports sub-accounts for easy team collaboration
  • 24/7 email customer support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Cloud transfer speed needs to be improved
  • Oversized files are prone to transfer failure

What is Multcloud?

Multcloud is a cloud sync online service founded in 2012 and headquartered in Singapore. With the increase in the number of internet cloud services, internet users are using different cloud spaces to store their files, but when using them for work and study, uploading and downloading between different cloud spaces can be cumbersome, hence the birth of Multcloud.

Multcloud is an excellent online service that helps you manage, migrate, synchronize and backup files between different online cloud drives easily, quickly, securely and smoothly, helping you to solve the problem of synchronizing file data between different cloud drives.

Multcloud Pros

Managing all your cloud drives and transferring files directly across cloud drives

multcloud review - backend

The best feature of Multcloud is that you can manage all your cloud drives online through one platform. You no longer need to upload and download through a separate cloud drive service, you can directly transfer files across cloud drives through Multcloud, helping you to save a lot of complicated operations.

Multcloud allows you to manage all your cloud drives with a single account. You can create transfer tasks, team migration tasks, sync tasks, backup tasks, remote tasks and more through its administration backend, which runs automatically once created.

Support for over 30 cloud storage services commonly

multcloud review - support more than 30 cloud drives

As a cross-cloud file transfer tool, Multcloud supports almost every major cloud storage service on the web today. According to Multcloud’s official website, Multcloud currently supports over 30 cloud storage services, including.

Google Drive, Shared with me, Google Workspace, Shared Drive, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint, Dropbox, Dropbox Business, MEGA, Google Photos, Google Maps, Google Maps and Google Maps. Google Photos, FTP, Box, Box for Business, pCloud, Baiduyun, Flickr, Hidrive, Yandex, NAS MediaFire, WebDAV, Evernote, Amazon S3, Wasabi, Hubic, OwnCloud, MyMyCloud. Hubic, OwnCloud, MySQL, Egnyte, Putio, ADrive, SugarSync, Backblaze, WEB.DE, CloudMe, MyDrive, Cubby

These 30 cloud services supported by Multcloud cover almost all of the cloud storage services that internet users use regularly, so you can check the list provided by Multcloud to see if it meets your needs.

Support basic operation of cloud drives

Multcloud doesn’t just offer simple cross-cloud file transfer, it also supports uploading, downloading, copying, cutting, pasting and other common functions, and you can also preview and rename online files.

Offline cloud download and offline data transfer support

multcloud review - cloud transfer

When storing files and data on a cloud drive, we may be storing larger files, so this can take longer to download or transfer, and you may also need your computer to be switched on during the download or transfer process. To help solve this problem, Multcloud offers offline cloud downloading and offline data transfer functions so that you don’t have to wait in front of your computer. Once you have successfully set up the Multcloud backend to start the offline transfer, you can close your web page or computer, saving you a lot of time. In addition, Multcloud supports multi-server transfers for a much higher success rate.

Chrome plugin for quick and easy management of cloud drives

Multcloud is a web-only cross-cloud drive manager, it does not have a dedicated software application for desktop computers and smartphones. However, to make file transfers across the cloud faster, Multcloud offers a Chrome plugin that allows you to start file transfer tasks quickly and easily.

Free account with 5GB of free data traffic per month

Multcloud is currently offering 5GB of free data traffic per month in order to give users a taste of its products and services, but Multcloud actually offered more free data traffic when it was first promoted. So, if you’re not sure whether Multcloud is worth it or paying for, you can try it out for free before you decide.

Secure cloud drive transfers with AES-256 encryption for SSL

There are many different types of files stored in the cloud, such as work and study files, music, videos, photos, etc. Some files may also involve personal privacy, so a more secure cloud drive service is needed. Multcloud’s authorization system is based on OAuth and uses AES-256 encryption technology for data transfer. You can delete your added cloud drive at any time, or even delete your account permanently.

Sub-accounts for teamwork

multcloud review - team transfer

Multcloud offers sub-accounts to facilitate teamwork, which is a great feature for teamwork. Once you have successfully connected your cloud drive to Multcloud, you can create sub-accounts to suit your needs, and you can set the permissions for each sub-account as all, read-only or write-only, but these sub-accounts can only access the folders to which your master account has granted permissions.

The sub-account can freely access the folders granted by the master account. Even if the sub-account does not own a cloud drive, the sub-account owner can still access or upload folders to that cloud drive, which is a real convenience.

24/7 email support available

Multcloud currently only offers 24/7 email support and does not currently offer any live chat support. However, Multcloud does offer tutorials, help guides, FAQs and a discussion community. If you encounter any problems, try the resources available on the website to find a solution first.

30-day unconditional money-back guarantee

Multcloud offers a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee in addition to 5GB of free data traffic per month to give you peace of mind when purchasing its products and services. If you are unhappy with your purchase, you can consider contacting Multcloud for a full refund.

Multcloud Cons

Cloud transfer speeds need to be improved

Multcloud currently supports over 30 cloud drives around the world, but the transfer speeds of different cloud services vary, resulting in significant speed differences between different cloud services in different geographical locations. However, Multcloud is now using multi-server transfers, and the speed of file transfers has increased significantly.

Oversized files are prone to transfer failures

When transferring files across Multcloud, it is easier for smaller files to be transferred, but for larger files, the transfer may fail. However, to help save time, Multcloud currently supports offline transfers, which means you can set up a task and then close the page or even your desktop computer to wait for the task to complete.

Multcloud Pricing Plan

The most expensive part of Multcloud for cross-cloud file transfers is actually the data traffic, so Multcloud’s price plans are divided into limited data traffic and unlimited data traffic, and you can choose between different price plans. Generally speaking, the longer you subscribe, the greater the discount. In addition, Multcloud wireless data plans are available with unlimited lifetime plans, but it is recommended that you try them out before you buy.

Limited Data Plan

Free VersionBasicStandard
5GB /Month1200GB /Year2400GB /Year
2 threads for data transfer10 threads for data transfer10 threads for data transfer
Scheduled transfer/sync/backupScheduled transfer/sync/backup
24/7/365 priority support24/7/365 priority support
Free9.99 USD/mo17.99 USD/mo
Free59.99 USD/year99.98 USD/year
30-day money-back guarantee

Unlimited Data Plan

Free VersionYearly UnlimitedLifetime Unlimited
5GB /MonthUnlimited data traffic per yearUnlimited data traffic for a lifetime
2 threads for data transfer10 threads for data transfer10 threads for data transfer
Scheduled transfer/sync/backupScheduled transfer/sync/backup
24/7/365 priority support24/7/365 priority support
Free119 USD/year249 USD
30-day money-back guarantee

Multcloud Customer Service

Multcloud currently offers 24/7 email support but does not offer online live support. However, Multcloud provides detailed tutorials, help guides, FAQs, and a community forum on its website, so if you are experiencing problems, you can try to find a solution through the website.

Multcloud Payment

Multcloud currently uses a third-party service, Cleverbridge, which supports a wide range of payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal, and wire transfers.

Multcloud Refund Policy

Multcloud currently offers a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee and a free account with 5GB of data traffic per month. Therefore, it is recommended that you try out the free account before deciding whether to pay for it.

Multcloud FAQs

Is Multcloud safe?

Multcloud uses AES-256 encryption when transferring files through Multcloud in order to give users peace of mind. Multcloud also promises on its website that it will not store your files privately and that you can delete your added cloud drive or permanently delete your Multcloud account at any time.

Is Multcloud free?

Multcloud is actually a paid service, but in order to allow users to experience its products and services for free, it currently offers a free account with 5GB of data traffic per month. If you decide it’s right for you after you’ve had a chance to try it out, you can then decide to pay for a different price plan.

The Bottom Line

Multcloud Review Summary

Chris Wu

Easy of use


Multcloud is a useful digital tool that allows you to manage over 30 cloud drives with one account and supports uploading, downloading, sub-account management, offline transfers and much more. If you’re not sure if it meets your needs, you can try it for free with 5GB of data per month before you decide.


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