Sensei Review: Is It an All-In-One Optimization App for Your Mac?


One of the misconceptions that are rampant amidst users of Mac computers is the belief that Mac computers are immune from slow performance and similar problems. However, you will agree that your Mac computer slows down when overrun by junk files and many background-running apps.

This realization makes it important for Mac users to get a cleaning or an optimization tool that helps clean junk files and optimize the operation of the computer. While there are numerous Mac optimization tools out there, one of the exceptional ones is the Sensei App.

In this sensei review, we shall discuss the features and benefits of using this app for optimizing your Mac computer. More importantly, you will learn how to use the application to rid your Mac computer of junk and unneeded files.

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Sensei Reviews Overview


Sensei Key Summary

Developer:Cindori AB
System Requirements:macOS 10.15 Catalina or later
Disk Space:52.8 MB
Compatible with macOS Big Sur:Yes
Pricing:Starting at $29
Support:Forum, Email(7*24)
Refund Policy:14-day money back guarantee

Sensei Pros & Cons


  • Graphical display of computer hardware parameters, easy to view
  • One-click management of login entries and startup agents to speed up your Mac
  • Easily uninstall applications and delete hidden files
  • User cache and large file cleanup to optimize disk space
  • Trim drive certification, clean and maintain SSDs
  • Relatively cheaper price


  • Virus and malware scanning is not supported
  • Does not support duplicate file cleaning

What is Sensei?

Sensei is a Mac application that runs analytics and scans your Mac computer in a bid to optimize its operations. The app, which is named after the Japanese connotation for Master, is a new-generation Mac with necessary optimization features. The app developer, Cindori, seeks to help Mac users achieve seamless and efficient use of their computer with the Sensei app.

Sensei Detailed Review

This Sensei review will never be complete without a detailed analysis of the features and offerings of the application. Thus, in this section, I will take you through each and every feature of the application worth mentioning.

Performance Dashboard

The first thing you notice when you launch the Sensei app is the performance dashboard. This dashboard shows the basic information about your Mac computer in an orderly manner. The user interface of this dashboard is impressive. It combines the right color themes and fonts to present the details of your Mac computer in a visually-appealing setup.  


The information shown about your Mac computer includes the CPU usage, Battery Consumption, RAM Usage, storage overview and GPU usage. Interestingly, if you connect over devices to your Mac computer, the performance dashboard will present details about them too.

Monitor Beta

The monitor feature on the app allows you to see the statistics of your Mac computer’s performance in real time. While the monitor feature is a part of the Sensei app, it acts more like a standalone app. This means that it works in the background, and you need not launch the Sensei app to use this feature.


However, you can use the main Sensei app to turn the feature on or off. You can also control the settings of the feature through the main Sensei app.


Away from system performance reporting features, let’s discuss the Sensei features that you can actually use to optimize the performance of your computer system.


The purpose of this feature is to optimize the Mac computer by shutting down the two notorious causes of slow performance. These causes are login items and launch agents. These two causes refer to the applications and programs that run immediately when you start your Mac computer.


As a result, they slow down the computer. What this feature on Sensei for mac computers does is to identify all of these applications and programs. It thus presents them in a report where you can choose the ones you wish to close with a click.

The use of this feature is easier and faster than using the System Preferences option on your Mac computer.


Another reason why your Mac computer slows down is the presence of too many applications. The irony is the fact that you may not even use most of these apps. They just eat up the storage space on your Mac computer, slowing down its performance.


However, the Uninstaller feature in Sensei app has come to the rescue. This feature scans your computer to check for all the applications on it, showing the details on the amount of space occupied by these apps. You also get to know which components of the applications contribute to the size of the applications.

After presenting these pieces of information, the feature allows you to uninstall the apps you no longer need. You can also remove the unneeded and hidden app data files that are eating up the storage space on your computer.


This feature battles the menace of junk files on your Mac computer. Junk files contribute majorly to the problem of slow performance in computers. Hence, if you want to optimize your Mac computer, you need to rid it of junk files. This is what this feature helps you do.


The features scan the computer and show the report of the junk files eating up your storage space. It shows the location of the files and their size. And finally, the application allows you to delete these files at once or choose the ones you wish to save from amongst them.   



The trim feature on the Sensei application works on the SSD in your Mac computer. This feature does a fantastic job of optimizing the SSD, which, as a result, improves the starting speed and performance of the computer. To use this feature, you need to enable the Trim feature on the application and grant the required permissions.


The optimization of your computer doesn’t only start and end with the software component of the computer. The hardware component of the computer also needs optimization to ensure an effective optimization of the computer. In this section of the Sensei review, let’s examine how the Sensei app works on the hardware component of your Mac computer to achieve the optimization.


This feature provides you with a detailed overview of the storage device on your Mac computer, which is most likely an SSD. It presents information such as the type of storage, the lock system on it, storage capacity and partitions.


You will also be able to monitor and analyze the performance of the storage as your computer uses it. In all, the feature allows you to manage and optimize the storage on your Mac computer.



This feature provides you with the details of the Graphics card and Display settings on your Mac computer, including that of an integrated graphics card. However, you cannot test or do anything about the information. All the feature allows you to do is view the information regarding the Graphics card.



You can also get needed information about the battery of your Mac computer. Details such as battery cycles, battery manufacturing date, temperature and battery percent. These pieces of information help you analyze the battery life and help to determine whether or not you need a replacement.



This is the last feature on the hardware optimization section. It provides the details on the temperature of the computer. This feature culls information from the cooling fans and thermal sensors in the computer. From this information, you will know if your computer fan has issues or the computer itself is overheating.

Minimalist user interface design

The UI design of the Sensei app is impressive and enticing, as explained before. The fonts, diagrams and colors are perfectly matched to give a beautiful interface. However, the interface is not only visually appealing; it is easy to use.

You will find the features of the application on the left side of the application, while the main screen shows the information and activities of the application. The background of the application has a dark theme which is good for the eyes, as it does emit bright rays.

In all, the user interface design of the application is simple, beautiful and usable.

Sensei Customer Support

Sensei doesn’t provide many support methods, it has an online forum and ticket system. In the online forum, you can find announcements, general problems, support, feedback, and bugs. If you have any problem with it, you can start a discussion to get help from members or the Sensei help team.


What if you get no response in the online forum? You can also submit your request via ticket, Sensei support team will answer your question as soon as possible.

Sensei Pricing Plan

SubscriptionFull License
PricingStarting at $29.00Starting at $59.00
Upgrade costNoNo
Simultaneous device33
7*24 customer supportYesYes
14-day money back guaranteeYesYes
Get It NowGet It Now

Sensei is very affordable to use, it provides a one-year subscription and one-time purchase model. You only need to spend $29 per year to subscribe to it. And Sensei’s full license is a little different from others, this option allows you to access all the features in Sensei, continuous updates and support. It means that you won’t spend extra money for upcoming updates and features, it’s only $59 for lifetime.

More surprisingly, Sensei all paid plans allow one person to use it on up to 3 Macs.

Payment & Refund Policy

Sensei is using Paddle service for its service, it accepts Credit Card and PayPal payments.

Sensei doesn’t provide any free or trial version to try. And you want to get a full refund, the license key should not be activated and there has been a maximum of 14 days since ordering.

Sensei FAQs

Is Sensei safe to use?

Sensei for mac computers is a safe application. It doesn’t contain any malware or virus that threatens the integrity of the application. Also, the installation process of the application is also simple and straightforward.

Is Sensei free for mac?

Sensei mac application is not free. You need to pay to get this application. There are two payment tiers with this application. These are one-year payment and lifetime payment. The one-year payment gives your access to the features and upgrades on the application for a year and costs $29. The lifetime payment costs $59, and it affords you features and upgrades on the application for a lifetime. However, there is a free trial version that lasts for 14 days.

Is Sensei malware?

Sensei Mac application is not malware and doesn’t harm your computer in any way. In fact, the app doesn’t touch any system files that could cause a problem.

How many computers can I install Sensei on?

You can install the Sensei Mac app on up to three macOS computers simultaneously. This is according to the payment structure for the application.

Sensei Alternatives

Sensei is not the only Mac optimization and cleaning tools in the market. Let’s examine how well this mac application compares with its counterpart and alternatives.

Sensei VS CleanMyMac X

This tool is an A-grade optimization tool. It is a worthy alternative to Sensei, as it also cleans and helps optimize the performance of the computer. However, there are some differences between the two tools. CleanMyMac X has a malware removing feature while Sensei doesn’t. Also, Sensei shows the information on the battery life and cooling system of the Mac computer, which are features you cannot find on CleanMyMac X.

For more info, you can click here to Read CleanMyMac X Full Review.

Sensei VS MacBooster

MacBooster is another worthy alternative to the Sensei app. It also affects an efficient cleaning of the Mac computer to optimize its performance. However, Sensei has some features which are absent on MacBooster. Examples of these features include hardware optimization.

For more info, you can click here to Read Macbooster Full Review.

Sensei VS MacKeeper

The MacKeeper app does almost the same thing as the Sensei for mac application. It clears junk files and helps optimize your computer performance. It is a worthy alternative to the Sensei application.

For more info, you can click here to Read Mackeeper Full Review.


Sensei Review Summary

Chris Wu

Easy of use


After many Sensei reviews, it is evident that the application is an important tool for Mac users. It possesses features that help optimize the performance of your Mac computers.
The application helps optimize the performance of your Mac computer. It also provides necessary information on the operation of the computer, such as battery life, cooling system and many more.

Thus, if you’re in need of an optimizing tool for your Mac computer, Sensei may be the best option for you.


If you have used Sensei, please share your honest review (good or bad).

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