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Starting a blog is a brilliant idea. However, you can just hit the publish button without getting some facts right. It’s like playing chess without learning the rules first. And you know what will happen? You’ll fail or learn the hard way. But this doesn’t have to be you.

That’s why I’ve compiled a list of the most up-to-date blogging statistics that will give you the much-needed edge. From the ideal blog length to the top challenges bloggers face, we have the inside scoop you won’t want to miss. 

So grab a seat, settle in, and prepare to take your blog to new heights with these blogging industry statistics.

Top Blogging Statistics

What’s the most interesting thing about blogging this year? Take a look at the following top blogging statistics : 

  1. 22% of bloggers worldwide post every week (Statista).  That’s a lot of content being produced every week.
  2. The biggest challenge facing bloggers today is finding the time to create and promote their content. (Orbit Media)
  3. 75% of readers prefer short and sweet blogs under 1,000 words, while only 5% want blogs to be more than 2,000 words. (Contently
  4. Regarding engaging with brands, 15% of people surveyed read blogs to learn more about them. (HubSpot).
  5. Production volume is the biggest content challenge across businesses, regardless of industry. 28% of companies surveyed by Siege Media and Clearscope said this was their biggest challenge. (Siege Media + Clearscope).
  6. 68.52% of respondents said blogs add credibility to a website (Social Marketing Writing). So keep on blogging.
  7. The average blog bounce rate is 82.4%. (Siege Media)
  8. There are over 1.98 billion websites right now (InternetLiveStats).  But this cuts across numerous blogging  platforms, so let’s take a look at some stats:
  • WordPress is the largest shareholder, with 35 million sites(BuiltWith ). 
  • Tumblr is a close second with 557 million blog accounts(Tumblr). 
  • Blogger (Blogspot) has been around since 1999, but it’s still going strong with 579,000 blogs(BuiltWith
  • Wix has 200 million users(Wix).
  • Squarespace has fewer websites than the others on this list. However, with 2.9 million sites(BuiltWith ), it’s still enough to give every person living in Jamaica their website.

General Blogging Statistics

source: OrbitMedia

Is blogging still worth it this year? Check out these blogging user statistics and find out more about blogging. 

  1. The future looks promising for the content marketing industry, too. Because between 2023 to 2027, the industry will grow by a massive $584.02 billion. Time to jump on that content marketing bandwagon(ReportLinker).
  1. WordPress is the champ of content management platforms because it powers over 43.2% of websites worldwide (W3Techs).
  1. Over 71% of WordPress blogs  are written in English, while  4.7% are written in Spanish, followed by others like French, Indonesian, and Portuguese (
  1. 43% of readers admit to skimming blog posts instead of reading them word for word. (OptinMonster) That’s why making your content scannable with subheadings and bullet points is important.
  1. There are more creators out here than you think. Tumblr hosts  518+ million blogs, while WordPress plays around 60 + million blogs(HostingTribunal)
  2. Still, WordPress  leads as the most preferred blogging platform, with over  70 million new posts and 77 million new comments added to this  platform monthly(
  3. Writing and publishing a single blog post can take about 4 hours. (OrbitMedia) . That’s longer than watching the Avengers: End Game movie.
  4. If you love list posts like this one, you’re not alone.  About 36% of readers prefer them over other types of headlines. You can also check out one of our list posts here.
  5. It seems life belongs to those who rise early because 79% of people prefer to read blogs in the morning (Hubspot). 

Blogging Income Statistics

source: GrowthBadger

As we have constantly discussed here, blogging is a great way to make a few bucks on the side or even turn it into a full-time job. Let’s see how you can make money blogging

  1.  The average salary for a Blogger in the United States is $48492 per year (GlassDoor). 
  2. Not every blogger will mint $10/month from their blogs. This is true because 33% of bloggers don’t make a single penny. (TechJury).
  3. Experienced bloggers are making $2500-$7500/month. Additionally, they get 33% of their earnings from ads while they get 42% from affiliate marketing  (Rankiq)
  4. Food and personal finance bloggers are the highest-paid bloggers earning an average of over $9000 monthly. (Rankiq).
  5. Are you passionate about exploring the lifestyle or “mommy” blog niche? Then great things await you because these two niches rank third and fourth in terms of median monthly income (Rankiq).
  6. If you’re looking for a high-paying ad network, Mediavine, and AdThrive seem to be working for most bloggers. This is because 72% of bloggers make at least $2000 a month using either Mediavine or Adthrive as their ad management company(Rankiq).
  7. Now, for those who do make or want to make some money blogging the most common route bloggers take is Google AdSense and affiliate marketing. But get this, the high rollers who make serious cash are 2.5 times more likely to sell their products or services instead of relying on AdSense(GrowthBadger).
  8. How much does it cost to start a blog? Tyrant Blog surveyed 350 people and discovered that 36.8%  of people spent more than $100 when they started their blog. Meanwhile, 33.4% managed to start a blog with a budget of $20 to $100 ( Trynt Blogging Survey ). 

Blogging Length and Frequency Statistics

source: Hubspot

How long should a blog post be? How often are you supposed to post to see results? These questions will never get old or missed from your Quora feed. Let’s find you a solution for this with the following blogger statistics

  1. How long should a blog post be? The average length of a blog post is 1416 words  in 2023 (OrbitMedia)
  2. Long-form content most gets bloggers and brands  a strong return on investment but  only a small percentage of bloggers write content that’s over 2,000 words long (OrbitMedia)
  3.  Blog posts with a word count of 2250-2500 can get you more money and traffic ( Hubspot ).
  4. 73% skim through blog posts, but another 27% don’t mind a thorough read  (HubSpot).
  5. About 66% of bloggers publish content regularly -some have a weekly schedule while others prefer a monthly plan. (Orbit Media).
  6. Short posts vs long posts: Longer posts bring  77.2% more inbound links than short posts( Backlinko).

Blog Content Statistics

Frequency of checking analytics according to bloggers worldwide

Before you start a blog you need to understand how content marketing works or what  other bloggers doing to achieve success  : 

  1. Even bloggers need editors – 37% work with one to polish their content (OrbitMedia).
  2. The biggest gripes about content are that it’s too long, poorly written, or poorly designed ( Adobe). So don’t make these rookie mistakes. 
  3. Say cheese! Using real people in your photos instead of stock images can result in a 35% increase in conversions (OptinMonster)
  4. Want to boost your views? Add images – articles with visuals get 94% more views than those without).
  5. A picture is worth a thousand words – most bloggers include 1-3 images per post (Orbit Media).
  6. Regarding organic search traffic, video is your best friend – it’s 50 times more likely to drive traffic than plain text (OptinMonster).
  7. The only way to stand out is to conduct original research – 42% of bloggers are doing just that (OrbitMedia).
  8. For bloggers of all income levels, “quality of content” is king. However, high-earning bloggers place more emphasis on promoting their content than their low-earning counterparts (GrowthBadger).
  9. For 32% of marketers, visual images are the key to success (OptinMonster).
  10. Consumers are increasingly hungry for video content – 43% want more from marketers (OptinMonster).
  11. Consumers are increasingly hungry for video content – 43% want more from marketers (OptinMonster).

Blogging SEO Statistics

source: OrbitMedia

As a blogger, you will need to publish high-quality blog content that is optimized for relevant keywords and can attract organic search traffic. This increases website visibility and leads to more conversions. In short, blogging and SEO go hand in hand for online success. Let’s see what the numbers say about search engine marketing :

  1. Have you ever heard of the phrase “out of sight, out of mind”? Well, when it comes to Google search results, it seems to be true. 95% of people never explore past the first page- so you better get yourself a  place up there. (Brafton)
  2. Patience is key in SEO because the coveted top 10  pages are over 2 years old (Ahrefs).
  3. A whopping 90.63% of pages get no love from Google’s organic search traffic(Ahrefs).
  1. Talk about overachievers! The average top-ranking page isn’t just a one-hit-wonder – it also ranks in the top 10 search results for almost 1,000 other keywords relevant to the blog (Ahrefs).
  2. If you’re in it to win it (aka earn over $50,000 per year), SEO is where it’s at – high-earning bloggers prioritize keyword research and rely heavily on Google organic search for traffic (GrowthBadger).
  3. Surprisingly, only half of the bloggers are doing keyword research for most of their content, while 17% aren’t doing any research at all (Orbit Media).
  4. If you’re not in the top three, you might as well be invisible because almost half of all clicks on search engine results from pages go to the top three listings. (Ignite Visibility)
  5. A blog can boost your website’s search engine optimization (SEO). Websites with an active blog are shown to have 434% more indexed pages( Fundera ).
  6. If you want to hit that top spot, you must play the long game – only 5.7% of pages make it to the top 10 within a year of publication (Ahrefs).
  7. Don’t let your old content collect dust – 73% of bloggers are giving their old posts a facelift (Orbit Media).
  8. Sorry, Flesch Reading Ease fans – Ahrefs says there’s no correlation between these scores and ranking positions.
  9. Regarding organic traffic, backlinks are like gold – the more you have, the more traffic you’ll get from Google (Ahrefs).
  10. If you’re a blogger, listen up – 71% say SEO works for them regarding traffic (Orbit Media).

Blog Marketing Statistics 

source: OrbitMedia

Promoting your content and tracking the performance of your content is important. So are bloggers and brands doing :

  1. Surprisingly, only 32% of bloggers regularly check their traffic analytics (Statista)
  2. Social media is the most popular channel for driving blog traffic (Orbit Media).
  3. If you’re in it to win it aka earn over $50,000 per year, you better put in the work – 70% of high-earning bloggers are active promoters of their blogs, compared to just 14% of lower-income bloggers (GrowthBadger).
  4. Collaboration is key – bloggers who collaborate with influencers see better results (Orbit Media).
  5. Don’t underestimate the power of email – high-earning bloggers are twice as likely to focus on getting email subscribers and use 343% more email-collection methods than lower-income bloggers (GrowthBadger).

Guest Blogging Statistics

source: Ahrefs

Guest blogging is a great way to put yourself out there and showcase authority in your niche. Here is how things look around here : 

  1. About 97.5% of publication editors will likely publish the same amount of guest content or more in 2023 (Influence & CO. ).
  2. You will pay $77.80 for paid guest blogging services   (Ahrefs).
  3. About 60% of blogs post  1-5 guest posts monthly(Referral Rock).
  4. The average domain rating of a website that publishes a guest post is 60(Ahrefs).
  5. Approximately 87% of bloggers ideate their guest posts, yet only 52% execute the writing process(Referral Rock).

Blogging Growth and Business Blogging Statistics

source: MarketingCharts

Growth statistics will help figure out the impact of blogging in your industry.  It will also encourage you to evaluate your overall marketing strategy and determine how to optimize its efforts to achieve your goals. Here are some of the blogging  statistics about growth and business: 

  1. To social media or not to social media, that is the question. But for 90% of bloggers, the answer is a definite yes! They promote their posts on social media by adding share buttons and running contests( WP Beginner ). 
  2. Despite the rave about influencers, only 10% of bloggers use them to drive traffic to their content( WP Beginner ).  
  3. The results are impressive for the 43% of bloggers who work with social media influencers. They report achieving “strong results”. Influencers for the win( WP Beginner ).
  4. 89% of B2B marketers consider content marketing to be a very important part of their strategy (Content Marketing Institute). Looks like content is still king.
  5. Blogging has an impact on 6% of eCommerce sales. However, for businesses that engage in regular blogging for a year, this percentage doubles to 12% (Matcha Benchmark Report).
  6. Over 92% of marketers say content is a valuable asset for companies( Content Marketing Institute). So it would highly pay to invest in content now and reap the rewards later.
  1. A whopping 77% of internet users consume information from blogs (Social Media Today). Additionally, 26% of people in the U.K. between the ages of  5–18 are also avid blog readers  (Statista).
  2. Size matters, especially when it comes to social media shares. 78% of blog posts under 500 words have not been shared on social media. Influencers might be all( WP Beginner ). 
  3. If you’re a business looking to boost your sales, consider this: 60% of people say they’ve purchased a product after reading a blog post about it. (Demand Metric) So blogging can make a difference
  4. Did you know that when it comes to lead generation, content marketing can produce 3 times more leads than paid search? (Kapost). That’s like hitting the jackpot!
  5. Currently, there are more than 600 million out of the 1.9 billion websites present online globally  (GrowthBadger, 2022).
  6. Move over emails, blogs are taking over. Americans spend 3 times more time-consuming blog content than they do email content, with 61% of them admitting to it. (Social Media Today) Who needs a crowded inbox when you can relax and read some blogs instead?
  7. You will save 62%  of your marketing budget using content marketing as opposed to traditional marketing. (Demand Metric)
  8. 71% of B2B buyers incorporate blog content into their buyer journey. (Content Marketing Institute). So blogging can be part of your conversion strategy. 
  9. Are you still looking to sway more  B2B buyers? These B2B blogging  statistics  show you how you can do that (MarketingCharts) : 
  • Vendor websites are a big deal to 65% of B2B buyers, so ensure your website is up to snuff.
  • Also, third-party websites are another great content source for B2B buyers, with 48% finding them influential.
  • It’s also clear that independent publishers also sway, with 39% of B2B buyers citing third-party articles as essential content.

Blogging Predictions Statistics

source: InfluencerMarketingHub

Here are some blogging statistics for the near future:

  1. Bloggers will have to go deeper or go home  – posts must be more in-depth, trustworthy, and showcase expertise  (Google’s EAT Update ).
  2. Move over SEO; there’s a new traffic source in town. According to 56% of bloggers, social media is the most crucial driver of traffic to their website. ( WP Beginner ). 
  3. Blog content will continue to win  – 55% of B2B marketers consider them the most successful type of content for moving possible clients through the sales funnel (Statista).
  4. Affiliate marketing is on the rise – more bloggers are using it to monetize their blogs. Last year alone affiliate income hit 8.95 billion U.S. dollars in 2022, up from 5.4 billion recorded in 2017 (Influencer Marketing Hub ).
  5. In the world Of Chat gpt4 Bard and Jasper AI writing assistants, the need to provide original and user-friendly content is increasing (Google Search’s guidance about AI-generated content). 
  6. Graphics are gaining ground – more bloggers are including original graphics in their posts(  Venngage ).

Final Thoughts

I truly hope that you truly make the most of these insights. You’ll need to apply them to your own blogging and content creation strategies. So don’t just be a passive reader – take action and use these statistics to your advantage. 

And to help you get started, be sure to check out my list of posts which will guide you on how to start a blog. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family who are new or confused about blogging. 

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